Stephanie "Steph" Morris is a normal human being. She is best friends with Violet Eden and they treat each other like sisters. Steph is brought into the Grigori world when Violet coudn't keep secrets from her best friend and from then on has been a helping hand to the Grigori. Steph is very intelligent as she is able to figure out things Grigori and most people cannot, which was a great help to the Grigori in the translation of the scriptures. Steph was the valedictorian at the end of her high school year. Steph is also very fluent in Italian, which is how she was able to connect and cement her relationship with her husband Salvatore, an Italian Grigori learning English. 

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Steph's father - Father, a very busy businessman that travels a lot so rarely ever gets to see him.

Jase Morris - Brother, is Steph's older DJ brother who develops a crush on Violet. He is very potective but also helped to cover up for Steph and Violet when they had flown to Greece. But when he was told of the world that his sister and Violet had joined she had the option of choosing between Jase and the Grigori. Which left their relationship strained when Steph refused to leave Salvatore. But during her wedding reception Violet had convinced Jase to reconsile with his sister making it the best wedding present she could have recieved. With Jase finally accepting that she is a part of this world.

Salvatore - Husband. Is an adoring Italian grigori who has the enhanced ability as a human lie detector and developed strong feelings for Steph from the moment they met. They got married in the fifth and final instalment of the series in Central Park surrounded by friends and family.

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Violet Eden - Best Friend.

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Salvatore - Husband

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From the Greek name Stefanos, Stephanie means "crown".

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From the Latin word Moorish, Morris means dark-skinned or swarthy.

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