Spence is a Grigori who first appears in the Violet Eden Chapters in Enticed.  He is said to have come from the New York Grigori Institution along with Grigori partners Rudyard and Nyla as well as close firends Zoe and Salvatore. He is first introduced as a Grigori yet to have a partner assigned and is put on restricted missions.But that only fuels his need for excitement and adventure even if it's agaisnt the law. Through out the novels he grows rather close to Violet Eden as she has the ability to heal people other than her Grigori Partner. Making Violet key to his survival but also as she seems to walk into various situations.

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Glamour: Spence has the enhanced Grigori power of Glamour. Which allows him to appear or not appear as anything or anyone he would like. In one situation where Steph had been kidnapped by Phoenix, Spence used his ability of glamour to make himself appear as Steph so that the school wouldnt get suspicious of Steph's absence.

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Salvatore - Is one of Spence's close friends from the New York Institution who is originally from Italy. Who has the ability to detect lies. So in Spence's words is a human lie detector The two form a brotherly relationship

Zoe - Is also one of Spence's friends from the New York Institution who just so happens to be Salvatore's Grigori Partner. She has the ability to move and manipulate nature. But training in the same institution has brought them closer together. 

Violet - Is a close with Spence and treats him as his younger brother. At first he enjoyed Violet's company because she had the ability to heal other people who is not her partner, but progresses to forming a tight knit relationship with her when they both tend to get up to mischief. But when Violet leaves she promises that she will come back if she needed him. Which she eventually did when Spence got kidnapped and as a big sister figure saved him. Violet has the advanced ability of Sight which allows her to see fro a birds eye view.

Linc - Is Spence's friend and room mate. Who is a great challenge in combat training and has enhanced speed and strength as well as the ability to see the darkness that clings to people's shaddows. But although the two had a rocky start, they began to live peacefully together until they hit yet another wall when Violet left. Causing friction between the two until they reconciled after the final battle. 

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