Phoenix is a dark exile that Violet meets on the dance floor of Hades. He develops a romantic interest in Violet and grows close to her throughout Embrace. He follows and protects her through her journey of becoming a Grigori. Although his affections for Violet are strong and true, he knows she would always belong to Lincoln Wood. This fuels Phoenix's hunger for revenge by bringing back his Mother, Lilith, from the pits of hell. Phoenix has the ability to manipulate someone's emotions and heal people by putting a piece of his power into the injured. When he heals Violet, they are connected through his fragment. Phoenix uses this as a bargaining chip when he can use the healing action to re-open her wound at any time of his choosing. This also ensures that Lincoln doesn't harm Phoenix, as if he dies, so does Violet. 


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Adam (Father) - Is the first man on earth, back when humans were more like angels. Shows how Phoenix inherited his compassion and love to be human or at least mostly normal.

Lilith (Mother) - Is the great mother of darkness. Shows how Phoenix inherited his darkness, both in powers and in temptations. At first, he avoided her for millennia but then he resurrected her in the volcano in Greece by following the sacred exile scripture. But this only leads to Lilith's sole desire to destroy the daughter of the woman, Evelyn Eden, that locked her in the pits of hell. Phoenix helps Violet and Lincoln defeat Lilith because his true feelings are to protect her.


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